Cockney KIMONO

If you wear a kimono...
You can have Nagoya's
wonderful cityscape all to yourself.


About our shop

The secret why Cockney KIMONO has been receiving good reputations is that everyone could enjoy wearing kimono with high quality and traditional way. We always respect quality of every single part of kimono, even fabrics.

We keep the aesthetics of kimono as a japanese tradition, but at the same time, we combine it with modern trend and created a unique, brand-new dressing way of it.
We guarantee we could satisfy you and offer excellent experience.

All of us is professional kimono dresser who is alway attensive to customers’ preference. You could get yourself dressed in kimono and up-doing service on your hair by professionals.

If you bring your faborite ornaments like scarf, we would take it in and offer your original style.

Also, we have a private school that teach you how to put on kimono by yourself. It is a good deal because you could bring the kimono to your home as a souvenir.


You can rent a kimono and enjoy walking around Nagoya.

In the classroom, we have prepared “Sightseeing Spots in Nagoya with a Kimono”

We will introduce you to very traditional spots that even Japanese people living in Nagoya don’t know about.

You will surely find a place you like!

Become a beautiful and cute kimono model at Cockney KIMONO! Just a 10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station.

wearing a kimono
in Aichi

Dressing video

Kimono and yukata dressing is explained in an easy-to-understand video format.


Please give us direct message for your apointment via our social media acount.

Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!