Cockney KIMONO

About us

“Cockney KIMONO is in Nagoya, Japan.
We help foreigners living in Japan with wearing kimonos.

All of the kimonos we have are made of traditional silk.
Silk kimonos make the wearer seem even more beautiful.

Also, when we wear a kimono, we use charms, a kimono version of a scarf called an “obiage”, and a decorative.
This items add “modern cuteness” to “beauty of traditional kimonos.”
Obtain your own beautiful, individual style at Cockney KIMONO.
Muslims- We also have kimonos tailored specifically for Muslims.

We also have dressing classes on Skype.

This is a service for those who: have a kimono/yukata but don’t know how to put it on, want to put on a kimono but don’t know where to start, or cannot go to a classroom far away.
Please feel free to contact us.

Available in English and Japanese


Please give us direct message for your apointment via our social media acount.

Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!