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Mochi tsuki (Pounding mochi)

Pounding mochi !(Mochi tsuki)

In Japan, it is customary to eat rice cakes on the happy New Year’s day.
So we make rice cake on December 28th.

Why December 28th⁇

In Japan, “8” is lucky.
28th is near the new year and lucky number.
So we make rice cake on December 28th.
※There are other days depending on the area.

Where are you doing it??

In the old, each family made it.
It cannot be seen recently.
But now can be seen at the event.
It may not be 28 days.
Check it out in Japan as it will take place at the end of the year.

Do you not make rice cake with kimono??

When you make rice cake with kimono,Surely you will feel like you are back.
Let’s wear Kimono at “CockneyKIMONO”!
For wonderful memories.


Kimono school with Skype are possible.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact DM of various SNS.

Present a hair ornament.

Please say “I saw the flyer” at the time of booking.”

Because present a hair ornament.


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Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!