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New Year Food

Japanese New Year Food.

In Japan, we eat special dishes during the New Year.


“Osechi” is a festive dish that can be eaten during the Japanese New Year.

In the past, it was a dish offered to God at each turn of the season.

※It is thought that there are many gods in Japan.

New Year is the most important seasonal change.

Instead of making it at each turn of the season,it is now only made for the New Year.

The ingredients we put in “Osechi”are meaningful one by one.

Shrimp is longevity.※Shrimp has a curved waist.So this means “Let`s live long until your hips bend.”

Beans is health.※Beans say “mame”in Japanese. “mame”means energy in the old word.

There are many other dishes in “Osechi”.

It`s like a luxurious lunch box 🙂

These days,they are sold at supermarkets at the end of the year.

If you come to Japan at the end of the year.



“Zouni”is also a dish to eat during the New Year.

We make rice cakes offered to God”Zouni”and eat.

This varies greatly from region to region.

The shape of the rice cakes is also different.

The taste is also different.

“Zouni”can not be eat at restaurants.

Please make Japanese friend.


Let`s wear kimono!

New Year wears kimono from old day in Japan.

Let`s wear kimono with “Cockney KIMONO”!

Kimono school with Skype are possible.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact DM of various SNS.

Present a hair ornament.

Please say “I saw the flyer” at the time of booking.”

Because present a hair ornament.


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