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What to eat on December 31st?? And Let`s go “Hatsumoude”!

Japan has many events during the year-end and New Year holiday.

There are also food habits.

We eat soba on December 31st.

we eat soba on December 31st in Japan.

This is a Japanese habit.

Soba is long and thin.

From there, it means “Let`s live longer.”

And soba is easier to cut than other noodles.

From there, it also means “cut the bad fate of the year”.

So we eat soba on December 31st.


Where can I ear??

There are prejudice by people.

You can eat it if you go to a soba restaurant.

But you can buy them at convenience store.


Eating timing

Many Japanese eat this on the night of December 31st.

Eat on January 1st in some areas.

If you eat soba,let`s go to “Hatsumoude”


Let`s go to Hatsumoude!

The first visit to the shine in the New Year is called “Hatsumoude”.

I can not see it recently,but in the past many Japanese people visited  “Hatsumoude”with kimono.

Let`s wear kimono.

if you don`t know how to wear a kimono,

learn dressing kimono with “Cockney KIMONO”!

Let`s  “Omikuji”

In Japan,”Omikuji”is used to check the fate of the year in the New Year.

“Omikuji”has fate written inside.

Once you read the content,tie.

It also make meaning to tie.

But I can`t explain it in English.sorry.

Let`s spend New Year in kimono!

If you can not wear a kimono, come to “Cockney KIMONO” 🙂

Kimono school with Skype are possible.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact DM of various SNS.

Present a hair ornament.

Please say “I saw the flyer” at the time of booking.”

Because present a hair ornament.


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Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!