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radio Gymnastics

radio Gymnastics

Radio gymnastics is a lot of peaple can gymnastics in Japan.

Maybe, I think more than 90% of Japanese can do this.


When Japanese people listen to this music…

This gymnastics is done with music.

Listening to this music will move Japanese people body.

It is the best exercise for stretching.


Radio gymnastics with Kimono??

This is a lot of physical activity and it is not recommended to wear a kimono.
But maybe fun very much.

Please try.

Of course, let’s wear kimono with “Cockney KIMONO”.


Kimono school with Skype are possible.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact DM of various SNS.

Present a hair ornament.

Please say “I saw the flyer” at the time of booking.”

Because present a hair ornament.



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