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Sightseeing near the CockneyKIMONO

Sightseeing near the CockneyKIMONO

Sightseeing near the CockneyKIMONO is “shikemichi”.

Due to the war, there are not many old buildings and streets left in Nagoya City.
Only this place has a little old townscape.


The black tile, white walls, and stone walls are continuous, and it is a typical scenery of the Shikemichi.

This characteristics of this place are “Yanegamisama” and “komori-Jizo-son”.

This is “Yanegamisama”.

This is “komori-Jizo-son”.


A delicious lunch, too.

There are also many shops where you can have a delicious lunch.

This place is close to CockneyKIMONO.

So I’m recommending.

We will present a tourist map here to the person who experienced dressing with CockneyKIMONO.

Let’s take a walk here wearing a kimono at CockneyKIMONO by all means.


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