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In Japan, there is a festival called “Hinamatsuri” on March 3.
Because it is the season when peach blossoms bloom, there is also a thing called “peach festival”.

Sorry. I don’t have a picture of peach flowers.


Decorate a doll called “Hina Doll”.

Decorate a doll called “Hina Doll”.
And decorate the cherry blossoms, tachibana and peach blossoms there.
Sweets are also decorated.

There is also a custom of eating sushi called chirashi sushi or drinking soup made with shell.
These are “girls’ festivals” in many region.

“Hina dolls” are made in the image of an old wedding.
Because it means “to get a good marriage soon.”

I’d like to attach a photo here, but I don’t have a picture of a doll. Sorry.


Kimono school with Skype are possible.

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Present a hair ornament.

Please say “I saw the flyer” at the time of booking.”

Because present a hair ornament.


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