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“Hanami”in Japan.

In Japan, there is a habits of “Hanami”.
That is originally to see the flowers.
However,Recently, it is common to have a banquet while watching the cherry blossoms.


Originally a plum blossoms.

The image of cherry blossoms is strong in “hanami”.
However, it was common to see the plum blossoms a long time ago.

When they was looking at the them, They had a meaning of “Ritual”and”Exorcism”.

From plum blossoms to cherry blossoms

It was in 831 that “hanami” changed from plum blossoms to cherry blossoms.
Because,the emperor at that time liked cherry blossoms.
I think this opportunity is very personal.
This opportunity is very personal.

At that time, it was not to have a banquet while watching the cherry blossoms.
They were writing Japanese poems while watching it.
It was so graceful.

To the modern “hanami”

In 1594, the style of it changed.
They planted 1,000 cherry trees, attracted 5,000 people, and held a cosplay festival while watching the cherry blossoms.
It is said that he invited a powerful samurai at that time.
What I looked into was a cosplay festival, but I don’t know if it’s true or not.

It was also held in 1598.

“Hanami” has spread.

It was in the 1720 Edo period that the custom of “hanami” spread widely to the common people.
It seems that the people who ruled the country at that time planted large-scale cherry trees, and the common people were able to enjoy them, and it became common to have a banquet while watching the cherry blossoms.

Let’s “hanami”

Let’s wear a kimono, let’s see the cherry blossoms.
Of course, it’s “CockneyKIMONO” to wear it.


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