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Children’s Day

Children’s Day

In Japan, May 5th is Children’s Day.
Japanese law states that it is a day to wish for the happiness of all children.
Many Japanese recognize that May 5 is boys’ day and March 3rd is Girl’s Day.
This is a long reason, so i’ll skip it.

What do you do on Children’s Day?

On Children’s Day, we celebrate with the decorations of “Gogatsuningyou” and “Koinobori”.
In addition, we eat dumplings called “Kashiwamochi” and rice cakes called “chimaki”.
And, we take a bath called “Shobu yu”.

Each has a reason for this.
However, this is also a long reason, so i’ll omit it.

The first Children’s Day is important

The first child’s day when a boy was born is very important.
Some families gather to celebrate.
When such a person gathers, it is likely to wear a kimono.

Let’s put on a kimono.

There are a lot of good weather to wear a kimono, so it’s a good idea to wear it at this time.
Let’s wear a kimono with CockneyKIMONO.


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