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We made a 【Rickshaw & Kimono Set Plan】

We made a 【Rickshaw & Kimono Set Plan】

We have created a new plan.

【Rickshaw & Kimono Set Plan】

In this plan, a rickshaw is included in the Kimono Dressing Experience.

You can experience the rickshaw for 2-3 hours.



Only on Saturday and Sunday 【Rickshaw & Kimono Set Plan】

※Including kimono rental

※Kimono rental until 15:00

※Only on Saturday and Sunday

※Please contact us for reservations for 3 or more people.

※The rickshaw is a two-seater.

My recommendation is ・・・

11:00 Kimono Dressing Experience

You wear a kimono at Cockney KIMONO.

11:30~ Lunch near the old streets

Ate soba at this time.

A rickshaw will pick you up. If near the old streets.

If this store , it will pick you up.



12:30~ Enjoy the rickshaw.

This nice guy is familiar with the old streets of Nagoya.

He gonna give you a lot of knowledge.

14:00~ Enjoy matcha.

We drank matcha at the shopping street of Endoji.


~15:00 Return the kimono to Cockney KIMONO.


With this plan, it costs about 15,000 yen for two people.

On Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to wear a kimono and ride a rickshaw in the old streets of Nagoya.


photography by Amanda Ayabe00



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Please give us direct message for your apointment via our social media acount.

Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!