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Nagoya City Hall

Nagoya City Hall

Nagoya City Hall is a tourist spot not known in Nagoya.
I am a very favorite place.


Japanese people like the mix of Japanese and Western.

Japanese people like the mix of Japanese and Western.
Once upon a time,there was a period when Japan stopped interacting with foreign countries.
That was the “Edo period”.

Edo period

In the Edo period, Japanese culture developed because information from overseas did not come in.

“Ukiyoe”,”Kabuki”,”Rakugo” and “Kimono”…

Kyoto, famous for sightseeing in Japan, is popular for its “Edo period” townscapes.

Western culture get into Japan.

Western culture get into Such Japan.
The Japanese at that time were surprised by Western culture.

And Japanese made a lot of things mixed Japanese and Western.

Mix of Japanese and Western.

The typical one is Ampan.

And Nagoya City Hall is one of them.
It is a mix of traditional Japanese architecture techniques and Western items.

As a Japanese, I like this building very much.
I feel that it is a tourist spot that does not lose to Kyoto.

I want you to go when you come to Nagoya.

If you ever come to Nagoya, please go to Nagoya City Hall.

It’s a very nice place.

I want to teach my Japanese friends too.

If you go to Nagoya City Hall, wear a kimono.

If you go to Nagoya City Hall, wear a kimono.

Of course, you wear a kimono with CockneyKIMOMO.


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Nagoya Sta.10minute walk.Wear a kimono and take a stroll through the wonderful cityscape of Nagoya!